UBOARD SMART - USB Multiboard for your iMac and iPhone (Built-in 3 Port USB 2.0 Hub) - Black
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UBOARD SMART - USB Multiboard for your iMac and iPhone (Built-in 3 Port USB 2.0 Hub) - Black



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UBOARD SMART was awarded the best design's award in 2009 Designtag. Designtag is a design online shopping mall sponsored by the city of Seoul and managed by Seoul Business Agency. Designtag helped to make this pamphlet.

UBoard SMART will give you a brand new experience. Whatever your job maybe, UBoard SMART will simplify your working environment and help you to reduce the working time. Additionally, U-Board's simple and slim design will fit perfectly into your desk top.

Product Name : U-Board
• Material : Tempered Glass, Frame-ABS
• Size : 555x210x80mm
• Weight : 1.6kg
• Made in Korea

USB Port
Power : 5V USB Power
Port : 3 Port
Operating Temperature : 5°C ~ 55°C
OS : Window Vista, Mac OS 10

Package Includes
1 pcs - Tempered Glass
2 pcs - Frame (Left : USB, Right)
1 pcs - Cup & Memo Holder
1 pcs - iPhone/Smart Phone Holder
4 pcs - Screw
4 pcs - Screw Cover

• Do not place monitors or objects that are heavier than 15kg (weight reference :20-inch iMac 18.4 pounds (8.3 kg)/ 24-inch iMac 25 pounds (11.3 kg).
• Do not sit or stand on it.
• Do not connect USB device with unstable voltage.
• It is not recommended to connect many USB devices that take up lots of power, and it can be the cause for malfunction.
• We do not take responsibility for data loss.

  • UBOARD SMART will make your disarranged desktop simple and efficient.

  • Monitor too low, inconvenient keyboard, U-Board will make you notebook more efficient.

  • UBOARD SMART can make the most optimizd working environment possible-where you could use the keyboard and the tablet at the same time.

  • Made in Korea

Product Details:
Product Length: 22.95 inches
Product Width: 9.8 inches
Product Height: 2.09 inches
Product Weight: 3.75 pounds
Package Length: 23.1 inches
Package Width: 10.4 inches
Package Height: 2.0 inches
Package Weight: 5.6 pounds
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